Thielsen+Partner is a tax consultancy based in Hamburg. We provide tax and business advisory services to small and medium-sized companies, businesspeople and private individuals. To succeed in this sector, an excellent knowledge of tax law is required. However, with 30 years' experience behind us, we understand all too well that this alone is not enough. Honesty, credibility, reliability, trust and transparency are equally as important. In our day to day work, we never lose sight of these values. We are tax advisers, tax specialists, tax managers, accountants and income tax specialists. Our team are experts in the field of taxation law, and we provide honest, credible, reliable, trustworthy and transparent tax advice. To companies, businesspeople and private individuals – in and outside Germany.


    There are days when work can be fairly challenging. But we never stop trying to enjoy what we do. Admitted, we don't always succeed... But whether it is enjoyable or not, we know that behind the numbers, codes and paragraphs we are dealing with real people. We place great value on our clients and employees as individuals. We stand by our clients at times of financial difficulty, and we support our employees whenever they have private crises or domestic challenges. For example, since we know how difficult it is to combine work and family, we do everything we can to make this possible for our employees.


    We don't claim that we can do everything. But we know that we can do an awful lot. And if there's something we're unsure about, we will find the answer. We don't make promises that we can't keep. But we do everything we can to satisfy our clients' interests and expectations. So our clients can contact us at (almost...) any time. Our main asset is the quality of our work. But, since we are real people too, we cannot guarantee that we will always be above criticism in the course of a client relationship. We shall hold our hands up when this occurs, knowing that it can only improve us and our work. Advising on tax and business matters is often complex and challenging. So we do all we can to present solutions which are as extensive as necessary and as comprehensible as possible.


    Payroll services. Financial accounting. Preparing of annual accounts and cash flow statements. Tax declarations for companies, businesspeople and private individuals. Tax submissions. Binding information. Appeals and complaints. Audits.


    General tax advice on matters relating to corporate taxation, income tax legislation, VAT, inheritance and capital transfer tax and procedural law. Advice and support for companies starting up or reorganising. Advising companies on choosing or changing their legal status. Creative input. Tax advice and audits on M&A transactions. Advice on cross-border issues involving international tax laws and VAT.


    External controlling. Balance sheet analysis. Forecasts and budgeting. Business plans drawn up. Liquidity and profitability plans. Advice on investment projects and funding.

We regard our profession and our work as a team sport.

The quality of the work we do is the sum total of every individual's knowledge and experience.

All about us!

We are looking for a tax manager


    Do you want to put your skills to work and improve them in a friendly, lively, team-oriented environment? And do you want to take responsibility for, and advise, your own clients? Do you want to be able to ask your colleagues questions whenever necessary? And to share your knowledge and use it in a profitable way? If so, we would love to meet you!



    • Payroll and financial accounting.
    • Preparing and drawing up annual accounts and tax returns.
    • Drawing up private and corporate tax declarations.


    WE OFFER...

    • Challenging work, with plenty of enjoyment along the way.
    • Sole responsibility for your own client base.
    • A very nice team.
    • Nice managers (most of them, anyway...).
    • Flexible working hours.
    • Funding for professional development.
    • A genuine appreciation of work/life balance.



    • A taxation qualification.
    • Excellent DATEV skills.
    • A confident, positive, friendly appearance.
    • A proactive, reliable, conscientious attitude.
    • Healthy common sense and last but not least – good humour.



    • You will be rewarded with a competitive salary.


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